Exit Survey
New Jersey State League of Municipalities
The League is conducting its biannual compilation of wages and salaries paid to mayors, governing body members and other key administrative personnel, including police officials.  Please send responses to the League office no later than April 12, 2017 so that we may have sufficient time for editing and printing.

Let me call your attention to several specific factors to be kept in mind as you complete this questionnaire:

- If available, please provide 2017 salary figures.  If such figures have not yet been finalized (pending negotiations), provide 2016 figures and so identify.  Please do not delay your response because 2017 figures are not yet available.
- Please provide specific salary figures and not a range for all positions, except where indicated on the survey for crossing guards and police.  Please enter only the salary paid for the position in question.  If the individual receives additional compensation for other duties not associated with that position, do not include that compensation under that entry.
- If the same person holds two or more positions where the salaries cannot be separated, please clearly indicate which positions are covered in the entry.
- Under the title of “Construction Code Official,” please enter a salary figure in this category only if there is a separate salary assigned to this position.
- Under the title of “Manager or Administrator,” only make an entry if this position is by Ordinance, Municipal Manager Act of 1923 or Optional Charter Law of 1950.

To print out an additional copy of this survey you may visit www.njslom.org/surveys.html.
Thank you for your support and cooperation in making these surveys possible.  If you have any questions, please contact Taran Samhammer at tsamhammer@njslom.org.
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